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Expert bridal sewing is in high demand.  We recommend contacting us to set up your bridal appointment up to a year in advance.  Call or email today to book your fitting and our team will help you determine when to begin the alterations process. We take many factors into account when scheduling including event dates, potential weight fluctuation, location, and work schedules.

Once your alteration process begins you should expect a minimum of 2 one hour fittings. In your first fitting your seamstress will fit your dress to your body and discuss any customizations. They will review all alterations that will be made to your dress and give you a detailed estimate of cost, at which point a 50% non-refundable deposit will be collected and your 2nd fitting will be scheduled.

Preparing for your appointment

It is important to remember to bring your shoes and any shape-wear to each fitting. Fittings done without the correct shoes or shape-wear for your plans will require the signing of a waiver, as these items directly affect the fit of your gown.  If you have ordered these items online and they have not yet arrived, please bring an alternate option or call at least 3 days in advance to reschedule your fitting.

Due to the demand for bridal alterations, we ask you to understand that if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, or without your shoes and undergarments (or alternative), you may be asked to reschedule your appointment; during peak bridal season it may be impossible to reschedule your first fitting.

What to expect:
Cost and Fittings

The cost of altering a wedding gown has a wide range: you can typically expect the total cost to be in the $300-$2,000 range.  Typical alterations include: waist and/or bust adjustments, strap adjustments, a hem, and a bustle.


We are happy to offer more complex customizations when it comes to your wedding gown. This might include adding sleeves, re-styling a neckline, drastic shortening, re-imagining vintage gowns, and more. These kinds of adjustments are typically more labor-intensive, which means you can expect a cost range of $500-$2,5000.

At your first consultation or fitting each alteration and customization will be thoroughly discussed. At this time, we will also provide you with your detailed estimate. We care about your budget and understand you have many financial obligations to think about when planning a wedding, please let us know in advance if you have a strict budget so we are aware and can plan your alterations accordingly.  After all alterations have been discussed and agreed upon, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be collected. The final balance is due at the time you take your gown back home.


Consultations are welcome, we will fit your dress and answer any questions that you may have as well as giving you an estimate for alterations.  We do require an $85 consultation fee, this fee is applied to the cost of your alterations if you choose to work with us. 

We are happy to be here to serve you and help you feel beautiful and confident on your special day.

*Our seamstresses are paid by the hour and never on commission, therefore our prices are always quoted based solely on actual time spent doing your alterations. Tipping your seamstress is greatly appreciated but not required.


We love getting to share the excitement with you and your family. Based on the space available in our fitting rooms we recommend bringing 0-2 guests to your fittings with you. At your final fitting, being sure to bring at least one guest is helpful, so we can show them how to properly fasten your dress and use your bustle.

If your guests are part of your wedding party (Mother of the Bride, Maid of honor, bridesmaids or flower girls), they are welcome to bring their dresses as well to be fitted at the same time.  Please let your scheduler know so we can allow extra time for fittings with more than one dress. 

Weight fluctuation

Please be sure to communicate to us if you experience regular weight fluctuation, or if you are actively trying to gain or lose weight, and we will make sure to take that into account when scheduling your fittings leading up to your wedding to ensure the best possible fit.  


Our home sewing studio is located in St. Helens, Oregon, just 40 minutes outside Portland, where we provide bridal alterations, formal gowns and custom tailoring.   Fittings by appointment only.  

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